LGBT Friendly Institutions of Higher Learning

For several years now, has offered a list of LGBT friendly colleges and universities.  The top for fall 2016 include:  Cornell University; Elon University; Harvey Mudd College; Hobart and William Smith Colleges; Indiana University, Bloomington Campus; Ithaca College, Macalester College, Montclair State University, Portland State University, Princeton University, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick Campus; San Diego State University; Southern Oregon University; The Pennsylvania State University; Tufts University; University of California, Los Angeles Campus; University of California, Davis Campus; University of California, Santa Barbara Campus; University of Illinois at Chicago; University of Maine at Machias; University of Maryland, College Park Campus; University of Massachusetts, Amherst Campus; University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus; University of Pennsylvania; University of Vermont; University of Washington; University of Wisconsin, Green Bay Campus; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Campus; and Washington State University.

The same poll noted 102 campuses with documented anti-LGBTQ policies and cited as dangerous environments for LGBT students.  (  They include:  Blue Mountain College and Mississippi College, two (2) Baptist colleges in Mississippi.

While Mississippi’s major state supported universities aren’t in the LGBT friendly list, at least they are not noted in the Shame List.  That’s a good thing.  And we can continue to work on that!


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