Thoughts on Trump

It’s hard to tell….I would say too early to tell, but I’m an optimist.  And while many of my colleagues and friends thought the world would end on inauguration day, we’re still here — the LGBTQ community and its allies.

So in early February the President said he would not roll back the executive order that offers workplace non-discrimination protections to federal employees and federal contractors.  But cabinet nominees appear to have a long, and generally unfavorable, relationship with LGBTQ issues, most notably Congressman Tom Price, Betsy DeVos, Senator Jeff Sessions, and Judge Neil Gorsuch.  All is not lost in these appointments.  We have seen many appointees who become “different” people and take stances that are not historically “theirs” when they become cabinet members or Supreme Court Justices.  Take Hugo Black and Earl Warren, for example.

While the rhetoric is definitely not comforting, the only thing that any of these individuals have done so far is in their pasts.  The world has changed and continues to change and attitudes that once were shocking — particularly in southern states like Alabama and Georgia — are no longer shocking.  Vehemently opposed, perhaps, but no longer shocking.

Let’s bide our time and mark upcoming actions as the test of where this administration is going.  We think we know but in truth, we do not.