First Openly Gay Student Body President

On April  1, Bobby Brooks, a junior at Texas A & M University, will begin as the first openly gay student body president in the history of the school, and the 74th elected.

A & M routinely makes the list of 20 least LGBTQ-friendly schools in the nation.  Fall of 2016 was the first time A & M wasn’t on the list since 2011.

Asked about his choice to attend a university with a history of intolerance for LGBTQ orientation, Brooks said:  “I was an Aggie from the first day that I was born, there was no choice about it…My sexuality was a non-issue in terms of selecting Texas A & M as a university because I knew what this university could offer.”

Brooks actually ended up in second place in the vote for student body president, but as a result of an investigation which revealed that his opponent ran a campaign of fraud and intimidation, the “winner” was disqualified.  Thus, Brooks won!

A new beginning for the Aggie Nation!……….


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